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Материал к уроку "A letter of application for a job"

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A letter of application (письмо работодателю)


      1.  Your full address and  e-mail.Адрес и электронная почта)

2.  The … or the name of the person who you are writing to and the name of the organization. ( Должность или имя человека, которому вы пишите)

3.  The greeting ( приветствие): Dear Sir/ Madam if you don`t know name.Уважаемый сэрмадамесли вы незнаете имени)

Dear  Mr/ Mrs/ Ms and the surname if you know.Уважаемый мистер/мисс/ миссис и фамилия , если знаете)

4.  Paragraph 1 mentions where you hear ( know) about the vacancy and names the job you are applying for. ( Абзац 1 упоминает, откуда вы узнали о вакансии и наименование работы, по поводу которой вы обращаетесь)

5.  Paragraph 2 presents you to the employer, explains why you are suitable for the position. (Абзац 2 представляет вас работодателю и объясняет, почему вы подходите на это место)

6.  Paragraph 3 mentions your previous work experience ( if any), skills and abilities that make you suitable for the job and suggests ways of getting in touch with you. (Абзац 3 упоминает ваш предыдущий опыт работы, если есть, умения и способности, которые делают вас подходящими для работы и предлагает способы контакта с вами)

7.  The ending окончание): Yours faithfully if you don`t  know the person’s name. Yours  sincerely if you know. ( Преданный Вам, если вы не знаете имени работодателя. Искренне Ваш, если знаете)

8.  Your signature. ( Ваша подпись)

9.  Your full name printed underneath. ( Ваше полное имя печатными буквами)


A letter of application ( образец письма)


                                                                                         35 Gorky Street,

                                                                                   Vladimir 600 199

                                                                                    e-mail: alex@vladnet.ru

                                                                                    15th May 2002



The Manager,

Happy Pizza Restaurant,

5 New Square,

Vladimir 600 007


Dear Sir/ Madam, ___________________________________________________


I am writing in reply to your advertisement in our local newspaper Vladimir Novosty for salespeople to work in your new outlet.


At the moment I am a third-year student at Vladimir Teacher Training College studying English and Spanish. I would like to work for you in order to experience. At first hand, an organization which has western roots but has developed for the last decade very successfully in Russia. I have been impressed by the service provided by your staff. I am hoping that I shall now have a chance to help give this sort of service to other customers.


Apart from helping on the farms in my home village at harvest time, I have had no real work experience yet, but from my farm work I know how to work in a team. However, I hope that you will be kind enough to give me an interview so that I can explain myself better. I have also given my e-mail address above so that you can contract me that way if you wish.


I am enclosing my CV for your consideration.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Yours faithfully, ____________________________________________________________


      Alexander Popov ____________________________________________________________

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